Why Mac for Graphics/Video editing suck!

Discussion in 'Computers and Technical' started by Jollyriffic, Apr 12, 2017.

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    So anytime I talk about Mac, and that they are worse at everything than Windows or Linux, there's always those Mac owners that speak up and say "except for graphic and video creation". The truth of the matter is, both of those are better on a windows or linux system.
    Here's a video of a $5,660 Mac Pro Crushed in Photoshop Test by $1,530 PC with AMD Ryzen

    The main issue with Mac first is the price. Second is that the OS (operating system) is so bloated that all tasks you do on it, are crippled even with lower spec hardware on both Windows and Linux.

    I have a Macbook Pro, that honestly just sits in the house and does nothing because of how pathetic it is at everything. Has about 2x the hardware of my windows system and just chugs along.

    When trying to save time, you go windows or linux, same goes for money.
    There's no reason to be on Mac, There's no reason for the price gouging, there's no reason people should be still buying these.
    Before you say "well they don't get viruses" well, viruses aren't something you worry about. And to say that shows how little you know about what a computer virus is. YES Macs get viruses, many still have no software that blocks or removes them.​

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