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    Compressor for mic
    green screen
    best cam

    capture cards: you'll never stream in 1080/60fps at least till x265 is standard because 1080/60fps requires 12,442kbps for hd quality. with x265 codec it would be 1/2 that. however we're no where near having that as our standard.
    Just streaming get (up to 1080/30fps stream/record, but you shouldnt be doing above 720 anyways)
    Streaming and Youtube get (up to 1080/60fps stream/record but you'd only do 1080/60fps with recordings as the kbps needed is way too much for live streaming)
    Best external capture card
    Generally you want to stay away from external unless you've got no other option due to usb speed limitations and/or latency causing audio/video to be out of sync from your cam. it does however do 1080/60fps.

    Things to consider, you do not need a standalone mic, unless the following is true.
    1.) you dont want large headphones on your head and you prefer earbuds.
    2.) you want to capture multiple voices from multiple people, sort of like podcasts or gaming with multiple people.
    3.) you're doing creative and simply don't need to hear any game/audio.
    this is my headset, audio quality is pretty good for both the cans and mic cheap but good.

    Not sure what cpu you have, but while streaming you really might want to look into liquid cooling. to get better video quality you pair the kbps you'll be doing with the correct resolution and fps. then you set your preset as slow as you can go to boost even more quality. generally the getter you make your stream look, the more cpu you'll use, thus more heat, more heat without proper cooling will throttle your cpu.
    Dynamic frequency scaling (also known as CPU throttling) is a technique in computer architecture whereby the frequency of a microprocessor can be automatically adjusted "on the fly," either to conserve power or to reduce the amount of heat generated by the chip.
    The more the CPU throttles, the less performance you get, the less performance the higher the cpu usage will be causing the computer to drop encoding. This results in sound working fine but the video stutters. sometimes you can have both stutter if the cpu is being saturated.
    liquid coolers:
    if you have room for 360mm rad
    if you have room for 280mm rad
    if you have room for 240mm rad
    larger is going to be better simply because your fans do not need to spin up as fast to cool the liquid, in addition you also can overclock the cpu to higher clocks to push even more quality or simply if you want more processing power.

    ------ links for our Canada friends up north ----

    green screen w/ stand
    avermedia lite
    avermedia gamer hd
    elgato hd60 pro
    avermedia lgx
    360mm rad
    280mm rad
    240mm rad
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Discussion in 'Guides, How-to, Tips and Tricks' started by Jollyriffic, Jul 4, 2016.

    1. VixenKiss
      Some of the stuff doesn't ship to Canada O:
    2. Jollyriffic
      added links for the CA amazon :emoji_grin: with a few edits and 1 addition to the bottom of the posting.
      The mic condenser i'm not sure if that is something that could be shipped to CA but buying that new on amazon is a bit of a hefty price.
    3. VixenKiss
      Aye, thank you! Don't worry, I can look around on kijiji and other things! Thank you for this.
    4. ThugCTC
      Good list, i'm gonna pick up a green screen sometime soon.
    5. SmashTV
      When it comes to your audio mic setup there is no real "SET" standard besides dynamic mics in general. Think of it this way Dynamics are cost effective and can take a beating they are used a lot for live sound so think a band playing live or something. Dynamic mics in general are less sensitive to sound pressure and high frequencies. They always sound great.
      Downside you will need the mic a little closer, so if you wanted no mic on screen then dynamic probably won't work for you.

      Condensor You want to use these mics when you have your own private room(studio) to be streaming from and everyone will hear your keyboard clicking unless you use a compressor and place the mic accordingly, lots of minor tweaks to get things just right.

      Omni-Directional(most Blue Yetis) pickup sound in a 360 degree pattern so they quite literally pick up everything. I don't like these too much. These mics are PERFECT for multi-casting with 2+ people playing the same game in the same room as it will easily pickup everyone.

      The mic that is linked above I used that before I was gifted a badass dynamic mic but you can hear what it sounds like with no compression or anything.
      This link ignore it all except for Condensor and Dynamic it will tell you a lot and its a short paragraph.
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    6. SmashTV
      I am no expert by any means but I am picky and have wasted money(well returned stuff). I personally believe that good audio is just as important as good video and can be done PROPERLY at very low cost with a little effort.
    7. PurpleJuice
      Make sure to buy a good mic for starters.

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