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    I've implemented some additional features to the site.
    The first is publishing your own posts to either facebook timeline or the united streamers facebook group. This means you can post your live information on the site, and the facebook group in a single shot. No need to do two times the work! Default is set to "your timeline" but you can click on "your timeline" and change it to the group.
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    Second is our notifications, now you've got a more streamlined interaction between posts and conversations on the site. Supporting 3 different notification systems to cover all of our uses personal preferences. No matter what platform you're on, there's a notification system for you.
    Tapatalk you can install on Android Play Store and iTunes.
    Pushover you can install on Android Play Store and iTunes.
    Pushbullet you can install on Android Play Store, iTunes, Chrome, Firefox, Opera and even more options here including window, mac, and ubuntu apps.

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