Rising streamer just looking for a crowd

Discussion in 'Your Live Stream' started by MajorMemeTV, Apr 30, 2018.

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  1. MajorMemeTV

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    Apr 30, 2018
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    Hey Guys.. MajorMemeTV here rising streamer just trying to get as many eyes as i can on my channel and hopes to find people whom i can connect with on a friendship level. i do follow any one and every one follows me and i am open to host4host

    The games i play are from a wide range and appeal to most crowds below is a list of them

    Shooters: RPG's & Survivals: Racing: Digital Card BasedGames:

    H1Z1 Skyrim Rocket League Elder Scrolls: Legends
    Radical Heights Rust Need for Speed Pokemon TCG: Online
    PubG 7 days to die Magic: Duals
    CoD: WWII Just Survive
    FortNite MineCraft
    Halo:Forge Diablo II & III

    Be Sure to come check me out live I am sure I play something that appeals to your needs :emoji_smile: See you there Twitch.tv/MajorMemeTV

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