Pet Peeves with watching streams & streaming?

Discussion in 'General Streaming Discussions' started by Jollyriffic, Feb 6, 2017.

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    C38pklVVYAAOXpv.jpg So I replied to a twitter conversation today that had this following image. Honestly this "etiquette" is flat out dumb in my opinion, and here's why.
    1.) someone saying they are going to stream or are currently streaming doesn't affect you, or your stream at all. The only thing that could change is that someone from that chat loads another tab and gives them a view.
    2.) Maybe a streamer should switch games. The viewers are there to be entertained, and they are who you should cater to. Without them, why even stream; isn't the point to have people watching? If you stream things your viewers don't like, then maybe, just maybe, you should listen to your audience. I mean who do you think you are, some triple AAA game dev who doesn't give a shit about the very people they are selling their product to?
    3.) IF other casters/streamers are your coworkers and/or friends, then why would you say not to mention other streamers in the first place? Would seem that a friend would want you to succeed, no? If you're playing a game, and someone points out someone is better than you, instead of being a butthurt little bitch about it, maybe try to figure out their strategy to GET GUD. In the words of Rocket Raccoon: Well he don't know talkin' good like me and you. Maybe they just can't articulate words like an english major. Or maybe they are being facetious. It's the internet, if you want to be a streamer, put on your big boy pants. You're in a competitive field with both The game at hand, and w/e you're live streaming. If you're going to get mad at someone for saying "xyz player is better than you" then maybe you shouldn't be in the public eye, you're a little to delicate for this journey, like a daisy.
    4.) what does it matter if someone in a chat, asks another person when they are going to stream/stream next? Are you that boring that even the mere mention of another streamer will remind people "I don't have to watch this shitty stream". I mean, if we're all brothers/sisters/friends/co-workers shouldn't we be encouraging people to mention one another? Is #supportsmallerstreamers just a gimmick you pull in order to deviously undermine the intent and pull viewers from keywords?

    z.png Some other things that sort of annoy me are disabling links in chat. Why, how does that help you in any way?
    Lets take me, Jolly, I post links a lot. This is no shocker to those that know me, but the longest time i spend chatting in a room is when something about geek/tech/computers is brought up. Hell just ask @FlibbityFlam @Cacalac1 @DragonKing4831 I'll go on, and on, and on... The cows will come home and I'll still be bithering on. With all the tech talk I post links to various hardware, articles, or even pictures.
    If you stifle chat in areas, you hinder chat, thus limiting the conversation. Chat should be vibrant, full of discussion, and people should be able to express what they want when they want. At the discretion of others, they can chose on their own if they do or do not want to click a link.
    Now i do understand that the intent behind blocking links is so people can't spam their url to their channel. To that effect, how does their link hurt your stream? I personally usually have no less than 5 streams up at a single time, with many days being 20+ streams up at once.
    Does my watching other streams hurt anyone? does them posting they are live hurt your views? Nope, not in the least.
    Think of it like this, If anytime you go to XYZ store, they filtered you saying "well i wonder how much this is over at ZYX store", then banned you for 10 days; had the ability to make everything you've said in the store unhearable, how often are you going to return to that store? You'd pay more at another store and not return.

    What are things that get under your skin with either being a chatter or a streamer?
  2. DragonKing4831

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    Apr 27, 2016
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    Pretty accurate its why alot of people consider the community on twitch itself to be toxic cause the very mention of streaming, an attempt to stream or anything planned for the future is completely looked down upon. The point is to build an environment where people can get their feet wet in all kinds of different streams having an abundance of restrictions just makes the channel less appealing. One thing that has happened on several occasions is when i ask the streamer something about the game that i heard prior to making a purchase and the ENTIRE chat attacks saying why don't i just buy the game and find out myself instead of disturbing the stream. Think of your Stream has your Entertainment room people just wanna relax and talk about anything without having to watch what they say it brings fear, fear then brings a sense of not wanting to click on your link cause they don't wanna make another mistake in your chat. Your stream shouldn't impose fear but good vibes and entertainment.

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