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Discussion in 'Advice and Questions' started by Cacalac1, May 5, 2016.

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  1. Cacalac1

    Cacalac1 Novice Member

    Apr 29, 2016
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    Guys iv'e been looking around at the amount of people that are on the Facebook group compared to the amount on this page. We only have about a 3rd of the people. The few of us that took the time out of our days to join the new site should all work together and start making everyone of our streaming/video making lives easier.
    • Jollyriffic

      Jollyriffic Administrator Staff Member

      Apr 24, 2016
      Engineer Technician
      United States
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      I've got a lot of work still to be done on the site. once that's done i'm going to get to promotion. SSD's, Flash Drives, and other goodies will start popping up here. Thinking of doing a reward system on the forums where you gain points for content, sort of like getting points in some stream groups. Those points can then be used to enter into raffles for giveaways.
      So i get to promote the site, promote activity, and give you guys goodies.
      • PGO Maddog

        PGO Maddog Novice Member

        Dec 26, 2016
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        I have been part of Facebook group for a little while now didn't even know about the website until a couple weeks ago.
        Glad to have found it and I will be on it more often. Thank you

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