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    Apr 6, 2018
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    Hello there, I go by the gimmick of the Neanderthal Gamer, also Mennoch or DarkMennoch, I'm a small and newer streamer looking to branch out, network, and hopefully to find a great sponsor. I am a member of a number of communities that strive to unite Twitch more as a community, to help small streamers like myself to Affiliate and Partner. Currently, I sit at 125 followers, with a steady stream viewership of about 10 - 14, on a good day, other days it's about 5 - 7, I did make Affiliate of course. Ironic enough, I also design graphics, mostly for myself, but have been known to make logos, patches for the MC Community on GTAV, and other things. IRL I'm a father of 3, and married to an awesome supportive wife, that is also a graphic designer, and soon-to-be twitch talk show host. My twitch link is:, I work hard at what I do, and have fun doing what I love, gaming. So, that all being said, hope I come to get to know the people here, happy gaming all :emoji_smile:

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