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Discussion in 'Your Live Stream' started by VixenKiss, Jun 30, 2016.

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  1. VixenKiss

    VixenKiss Novice Member

    Jun 25, 2016
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    Ahaha, this is great!

    I should have posted here sooner.

    Well call me Vix!

    I'm a new streamer, and tonight at 7:00PM EST will be my official 7th stream
    (1 week of streaming)

    Since I stream in the PM, I often browse for people who are new, like me, to help support their streams, and ask if it would be okay to host them (you know, after winning their favour)
    I've made 3 good buddies so far who I host, and I don't expect host backs, but it's always appreciated.

    I don't know if my growth rate is good, but I'm standing at about 136 followers and 1,745 views. I have about 8-13 regulars who stay in my stream, or just pop in.

    So here are the few gimmicks on my stream!

    1. And my most favourite thing is my bunny cam!

    I love sharing my bunny with people. I love her to pieces. I named her Anhur, after the lion in Smite (I thought she was male when I bought her.) She is an orange brown LION HEAD dwarf bunny.

    2. Kisses

    The currency on my channel is called "Kisses" you earn kisses by spending time in my stream. This is by no means sensual, it's just a play on my name.
    I run a very classy stream.
    I would have done "Foxes" but upon doing research, someone had already claimed that name for their currency. (I'm sure someone has Kisses too, but I haven't found them)

    Kisses can be used to redeem fun things like !sayit, where you have me say a phrase of your choice, joining my gaming, hanging out with me for the day, changing my game, and more.
    Kisses can also be used to purchase tickets for any giveaways I may have.

    We also have gambling, and contests for game to win more kisses. Ie. "Will I have a positive K/D in this match?"

    3. Song requests

    I love to listen to music while I stream.
    As long as it's not "ear r@pe" or goes against Twitches rules of conduct
    (NO MOON MAN.) Then it's welcomed on my channel. Each viewer has 10 song requests they can make.
    The limit of 10 is to combat the people who request songs like "And they don't stop coming
    (Raccoovius full version)"
    But I will admit. It's really funny. lol
    I'm in a game all distracted, until I realise the words don't change. Haha XD

    I give 30 kisses to songs I REALLY like, and take away 30 kisses for songs that aren't necessary. So if you request the song above, expect to lose some kisses.
    It's always in good fun though.
    If the song doesn't trigger extreme like or dislike, no kisses are on the table or in jeopardy.
    This particular part of the stream is really fun.
    My younger brother is one of my moderators. He has no kisses for redeeming that stupid "I like Chinese food" song.
    What an instigator. XD

    4. Giveaways

    Giveaways always boost the amount of viewers and followers on any stream!
    I try to do a giveaway whenever I have a few extra bucks to spare, and I'm currently having one right now.
    I found this cool giveaway website that allows me to expand my reach outside of twitch.
    So it also allowed entries by following me on Twitter, subscribing to my YouTube, or visiting my Facebook page.

    Here is my current giveaway:
    Read the Terms and Conditions, because it was brought to my attention that anyone can use the gift card.

    I have gotten 12 new followers on Twitch since posting it! Amazing huh?
    Everyone feel free to enter.

    The website to make your own contest is if you have never heard of it.

    I'm giving away 3 Itunes giftcards (I bought a pack of 3)
    I was going to give them away in separate follower milestones, but I decided to bundle them, and give 3 away all at once by the use of gleam.
    I will have better giveaways for people who tune into my channel and the contest can only be entered for people who buy tickets with kisses. Don't worry though, first ticket is always free.
    I want everyone to have a chance at whatever I giveaway, even if they cannot tune in to my channel.

    5. Follower Day!!

    I love playing with people who come into my stream. So on Sundays, when I only stream for 2 hours, it is an uninterrupted (no intermission) game play day with viewers who are followers of my channel.
    We lose and it's fun, we win and it's AMAZING.
    Everyone is so kind, and out going.
    The few shy people who join open up to, and I love making people laugh and smile.
    Follower day is Sunday 7:00PM-9:00PM EST

    6. Moderator Applications

    I run the stream with my buddies, and they don't always have the free time to help out. I stream on a laptop, and am constantly tabbing out to change vulgar songs, check to see who is coming into the channel, adjusting volumes, timing out obnoxious people etc.
    So I have an application for moderator.
    There is a catch!
    Moderators are not allowed to enter giveaways or redeem kisses. Though they're welcome to gamble and enter kiss related contests as they please.

    7. Promotions

    If you are there for my announcements at the begging and of stream, I award additional bonus points.

    I think that is about it.

    We do a lot of random fun, my group that I hang out with is a riot.

    Here is my schedule:

    Monday - 7:00PM-12:00AM

    Tuesday - 7:00PM-12:00AM

    Wednesday - 7:00PM-12:00AM

    Thursday - 7:00PM-12:00AM

    Friday - 7:00PM-2:00AM

    Saturday - 5:00PM-1:00AM

    Sunday - 7:00PM- 9:00PM
    All times are EST!

    I already host someone after my streams.
    And today is his birthday, so give him a visit !

    See you in my stream.

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  2. NikiTheLiger

    NikiTheLiger Novice Member

    May 11, 2016
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    Welcome to the site Vix! Such an impressive intro you got there :emoji_grin: Seems like you got quite a lot of cool things going on. I haven't ever seen a place that awards kisses either o.o

    I tried to check out your channel but seems that you have the links wrong on the site currently. Maybe fix them? Also the links inside threads needs some love by using that linking button what you get when on the edit mode. That way they become clickable :emoji_smile:
  3. VixenKiss

    VixenKiss Novice Member

    Jun 25, 2016
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    Thank you for the positive feedback! Unfortunately YouTube won't give me a custom URL unless I become Wildly successful. XD
    I've adjusted the links on my profile, so they should all work (except YouTube) and have formatted my post correctly so people can click the links.
    (You can click YouTube from the post.)
    Thank you for your help!

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