Announcement Auto posting update - Discord, Facebook, & Twitter :D

Discussion in 'Announcements, Rules, Giveaways' started by Jollyriffic, Feb 7, 2017.

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    83a67d33cdf846329a15d4122d66ebac.png I built USN to promote streamers, as such I'm still on the grind making the dream come true. So in the spirit of making most of this all automated, when you post to the forums here, the site AUTOMATICALLY, will post to our other social sites. Prior it was posting to our Twitter account HERE, and our Facebook Group HERE.
    Today I've added automatic posting to our Discord also. Pretty much all posts will drop into #the-forums but announcements & giveaways, posted by the admins, will show up in the #announcements section.

    If you'd like to join or follow any of our services, we'd love to have you :emoji_grin:
    Our full URL links
    Facebook Group:

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