Hardware Avermedia Live Gamer HD c985 overview, review, and short guide

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  • The Pros:
    - If you've got weak hardware, the on board h.264 will take the load from the cpu, provided your using their software. That's a nice feature for those people that want to get into streaming but don't have the money to invest into a dedicated streaming rig.
    - I can stream my tablet to the pc using an over the air "OTA" hdmi adapter to the card
    - Games that dislike "game capture" in obs or other clients, you can simply use the dislpay out on the pc to the cap card and advoid the headaches.
    - quality hardware from a design aspect at an affordable price
    - Best customer service.

    Lets talk a moment about customer service, way back in the day when i was hunting for a good card, elgatos company was still making and selling cheap lightbulbs (yeah, that's their background) so they weren't even a contender. It was down to Blackmagic and Avermedia. I called tech support for both companies and asked the important questions that someone in the electronic enginering & streaming would want to know. Blackmagic actually told me at the time; "we do not support i7, officially. Honestly I wouldn't buy this card right now as it likely will not work for you as it's very specific to what chipsets it will actually work with. We're in the process of making a new card and you should hold out for that". They didn't come out with another card for 3 years after that discussion. Between tech support telling me not to buy it, and the fact that they didn't have one till 3 years later, nah, pass up on that company.
    Avermedia replied to every question i had and more, i did run into the firmware update issue. I contacted support, just to double check about the issue and sure enough, safe mode, remove drivers in device manager, reboot, working. Nothing new to a techie, but was good to know they were on top of it.
    Later on elgato came out with a card, massive input delay, so many streamers needing help with matching up their cams and game sound so they happen at the same time. So glad i went with the avermedia.
    Now if you don't use their own software, you're bypassing the 1080/30fps limit, as the card doesn't use their h.264 onboard encoding. So if you use OBS, the sky's the limit.
    Granted you should never stream at 1080/30fps or 1080/60fps till x.265 drops, as for fast paced games, to get true HDV (hd video) you need to use 6,220kbps just to maintain HDV, double that for 60fps. Twitch doesn't permit over either 5,000 or 6,000kbps so the only place you could do that is hitbox, youtube, or other sites. The issue is many people don't have good internet or junk routers. so downscale is key.

    The Cons: well personally i don't like their software that you may use for streaming. I prefer the lightweight, super versatile obs over it.
    Additionally they include 3 months of xsplit for free. This is a software NOBODY should use, Even with a paid version of it, you still get way more features in OBS. I'd like to see them include OBS on the disk, with a plugin that would permit you to use the H.264 encoder on the card with OBS.
    That would be a game changer. OR the plugin has a "in tandem" where it would use the card and cpu to do the rendering. This way if you have an i5 you could reach a "medium preset" or on i7 reach "slow preset", or simply stick with medium but use a little less cpu.

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